"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller

Monday, August 27, 2007


Today was one of those news days that made me want to be back in the newsroom again. From Michael Vick to Alberto Gonzales, a local electrical plant explosion, Nick Hogan's car accident here in Clearwater, it was one of those days where the newsroom would have been buzzing. I must remember to always preface statements like these with the fact that bad news does not make me happy, it is just one of those facts that when news is breaking all over the place, people in the newsroom are literally running around like mad trying to figure out the facts, trying to turn around video, trying to get people to different places, phones are ringing off the hook, the bulletins are flying across the wire on the computers, video is flooding in from all the different networks, press conferences are happening, and the adrenaline rush of all of that is always somewhat stimulating. I miss that part.

So what did I do? I was leveled with a migraine for most of the day and thankfully Poops took a long afternoon nap so I snoozed with Serendipity on in the background. Life sure is different.

Well our long "to-do" list is widdling down finally. Hence the reason for my computer absence. My parents have been over and we've arranged our new "library" in our office. It's always been a dream of mine to have a library, which in my house really is just one wall of shelves that we put up, but man is it fabulous! A place to put all our books! All of them! I have a row for "chick-lit", adventures (Harry Potters, Lord of the Rings, Michael Crichtons, John Grishams), cryptology (yes, husband has enough of these to support an entire "section" of them), sports, travel, how-to's, college textbooks, journalism-type stuff, and a sorely lacking "classics" section which I am obsessed with building. Oh, yes, and the purpose of the library/slash/office space is to have a place to put all the crap that is in the future nursery. Really there is a reason for the madness. Eventually we'll start on the nursery. Hopefully before he is born.

Has anyone watched that show "The Pickup Artist" on VH1? I'm dying here. It's a bunch of geeks in a reality show trying to score with the help of some guy code-named "Mystery" who I can't help but call "Chris Angel Mindfreak". Tonight, the geeks are kissing peaches for practice. It's about to come on and I am torn between this ridiculous train wreck and the fact that I will feel dirty and embarrassed watching these tools make fools of themselves. I may have to flip it on and watch it through my fingers for a second before I can't take it anymore and have to change the channel. One week to go till the 3rd trimester begins! I am mentally taking the pregnancy now in increments. When I was at 22 weeks and sparkles began, I thought, ok, let's get to 28 weeks. When that's up, I'll think, ok now to 30 (just to be in the 30's), but now that I'm 27 weeks, I'm thinking only 10 weeks till full-term!


Sparky Duck said...

what no MSNBC instead of serendipity? I dont get the Mystery. How in the world is he that good at picking up women looking like that

Stine said...

So glad you're hanging in there. There's a time for everything, right??? And now, you're busy incubating!

Mom not Mum said...

LOL I'll have to check out the pickup artist. When hubby isn't watching I've been known to watch some really cheesey stuff.

I just watched the Oprah with Elizabeth Vargas - I'm sure it was a repeat as I don't normally watch Oprah. But I loved when she talked about how she was totally excited about going to Iraq or some middle eastern country and her husband looked at her all of 7 months pregnant and had to remind her she COULD NOT GO!

Anna Mary said...

10 more weeks! YAY!!!

I love you!

The Queen

Robin said...

10 more weeks, 10 more weeks..you can do it! I know you are getting really excited now!
I love all that reality tv stuff..but I am anxious for GA and October Road, Lost and Earl to come back!
Yeah for Fall!