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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Unfair Idol

I have always been a Jordin fan. Last week, I became a Blake fan. (Obviously so did a lot of people). So naturally I thought it would be a tough race to the finish. Until the last song. I just have to ask (in a very loud voice with a curse word or two placed in between): WHY WOULD SOMEONE MAKE BLAKE SING THAT SONG???? "This is My Now." ?????????? What?????
I wanted Jordin to win but not like this. I really think that giving a Christian-rock sounding song to a Maroon 5 beatboxer is pure sabotage and just plain wrong. This is the type of song that Jordin lives to sing. She, of course, was brilliant at it and she even cried at the end. It was totally her song. It is a girly, voicy song and the only male who would have sounded good singing this song would be Clay Aiken. And you could just tell that not only was it not a Blake song and that he sounded ridiculous singing it (all who were in attendance watching it at my house cringed the entire time), but that he hated it just as much as we did hearing it! I am sad. Blake was completely hosed. I mean, yes, it is a singing competition and Jordin has proven to be the best singer in the competition. But come on! This is a million bazillion dollar show. I am sure that they would have the resources to come up with two songs, one to suit each singer in the finale. Could you imagine if Chris Daughtry was in the top two last season and had to sing that pile of crap? I am finding myself actually typing hard at the keys which means I am apparently more passionate about this than I thought as I punch away. Of course it may be because it's 11:20 and I have to hightail it to bed because Poops is going to be up at the buttcrack of dawn and no matter how often I wake up early I will never ever in my life be a "morning person". But anyway, that's my feeling on the subject. Jordin wins. Blake was hosed. Unfair Idol. And Colonel Randy Jackson looked like he was about to take part in a Civil War re-enactment.

On another note (ba dum chhhh) it's been another really busy week. I had a follow up doctor's appointment today since my high blood pressure two weeks ago which I am happy to report appears to be a fluke, according to today's readings. I have purchased a blood pressure machine and try to take my blood pressure multiple times throughout the day (it's interesting to see my blood pressure after a tiff with husband -- which is surprisingly not high despite the feeling of boiling blood) but it has not been alarming once and that's a good thing. (41 weeks and I mean it!) And, it's the last week of my first trimester (yay!!!! two weeks to butt shots!) and I have only gained 5 pounds despite the consumption of Chinese food, pizza, ice cream, soda, donuts, (please stop me, I'm showing the world my terrible eating) and other indiscretions (yay me!)

I have highlighted my hair and it is VERY blonde in many many places. I have for several years now turned my light mousy brown hair into a red-slash-auburn shade so that is what everyone is very used to. But I have decided I needed a change and I am going lighter and let me tell you, light it is! I have to get used to seeing myself in the mirror. Twice now I thought someone else was walking toward me.

Also, we're going out of town Thursday and I've been getting ready for that. My very best friend and her boys are staying with us this week, so that means trips to the zoo and the beach. And finally, our car is in the shop and husband has started classes for his MBA. It's been crazy around here! We like to lump everything into the same week. Lastly, Poops continues to increase his vocabulary which is very exciting to me. I am convinced (and a little scared) that I may not be able to pick up on this new "baby" language which is really just one sound in a multiple-syllable word. I worry that one needs special hearing to understand it. I watch in awe as other parents listen to tiny voice saying "ed ayne" (what sounds like jibberjabber babbletalk to me) and then say in return, "Yes! That is the red train! Very good!" I worry he is probably saying much more than I can actually "hear". So until I can actually write them all down on a regular piece of paper, this is what I have deciphered so far: Mama (sadly only in association with wanting food or more food), Dada (always in glee. little boogie.), door (pronounced "Duh"), kitty cat (pronounced "Keeeeeeeee!"), sky (pronounced "KYE!"), banana (pronounced "nana") and I think that's it. We're getting there. I have been trying to teach him the following: "Excuse me, Mother, but if you wouldn't mind perhaps handing me another piece of toast at your earliest convenience, I would be most appreciative," but it hasn't taken yet. Another couple months.


The Dreamer said...

i was so entertained by the pregnancy bit. a friend of mine just had her ultrasound and now their "little squid" as we affectionatly named it has a face and body :-)

good luck trying to decipher more baby jargon

Robin said...

Umm..yes, I can relate to the blond thing. My hair is so blond now, people think that is my regular color. I have to look twice at times in the mirror to confirm that it is actually me. Just don't go and cut it off in a pregnancy rage..
I'll be blogging that one soon...
Yeah for 5 pounds! Good for you! I surely was sitting at 20 by now..
Is the solider man home yet? Can't wait to read about their reunion!

Michelle said...

My husband has been trying for months now to teach Boy to say 'hi, my name's Johnny Knoxville and welcome to Jackass' but so far he's been unsuccessful..

Sparky Duck said...

Blake should have not been in the finals to sing that song in the first place. Imagine a sing off of that song between Melinda and Jordin.

If its not red, I do love the blonde highlights in dark hair look.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the moments.....It seems like yesterday I was asking you to say different word, and now look who's Blogging about little Poops!
Make me feel older than I'd like , Is 26 too old? ha,ha
:) See you soon.

Connie T. said...

I can so relate with the foreign language. David calls our dog Apollo, "Kabul" (like the country).
Anything to eat is "gooey."
He says a few words here and there. Then there's so much more I've yet to understand.