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Friday, May 18, 2007

Do You Still Shop In the Juniors Section?

My sister is taller than me and paper thin. I am not. I got the short genes and the ones that retain everything (i.e. water, calories, the kitchen sink). But I don't have much up top so I can still every once in a while peruse the Juniors section for a tee-shirt. They're much cuter than the ones in the Misses or Ladies section, so sometimes I feel as if I'm caught between worlds and I don't want to let the Juniors section go. My sister of course still completely gets away with full-blown Juniors-shopping because she's in her mid-20's and still tiny. As my 30's were approaching, it used to be that I would kind of tiptoe into the Juniors section and duck my face behind racks while I tore quickly through styles and sizes. Now, I am getting well into my 30's and probably obviously so, so I don't actually go in (that's just silly!), but if I happen to see a cute shirt in the Juniors section that might have piqued my interest from afar, I might be known to snatch it off the rack and run to the dressing room. So the question is, anyone still shopping in Juniors?


Robin said...

Oh yes, I can so relate here. For some reason, the older I get, the MORE I want to dress myself in babydoll tees and leggings. WHY? I find that I like to shop at Old Navy for that reason, it is all mixed in together and I don't look out of place. LOL
I hope someone tells me when I'm to old for that printed tee that says "rockin it out"
until then, you'll just have to deal with me looking like a 20 something!

Michelle said...

If I can fit into it, I still wear juniors clothes (I'm 24). One of my favouriute tops (that thankfully I only wear for working out these days) is a promo tee I got from the bookstore - it's a children's 8-10 year old top with a picture of the yellow submarine on the front! (and of course I wear it with my horrible old pregnancy yoga pants, HA!)

Sparky Duck said...

I try to convince Mrs Duck to try the juniors section occasionally. Mostly because I am sick of hearing the whining of how the petite section is for old ladies.

Laura said...

sometimes yes this 45 year old mom snags something from the juniors section.
but i will confess that with a 20 y/o, 15y/o and 13 y/o i do less and less because i remeber how mortified i was when my mom would dress like a teenager.
i find juniors or misses i try to pick up things that will last more than one fashion season since my disposable income is pretty much my children's.
so do i get some kind of award for being the oldest mommy blogger to comment the affirmative?