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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

And Then There Were FOUR

Who will become MY American Idol? Every week I sit here and passionately tell my little tale of who's who. It's not even like I can help it. I like this stupid show and I have an addiction. I need help.

Anyway, in the competition that nets more votes than our national elections (so sad, isn't it?) it is a two song night and a Bee Gees night and there are four left. I can tell you right now, I've heard enough of the Bee Gees on the 8 track player in my parents' van that I wasn't really looking forward to the night because honestly the Bee Gees are the Bee Gees and I just feel funny listening to some fetus singing their songs, especially when they are Bee Gees (plural), not Bee Gee, and they even sound like more than one, so solo Bee Gee? Make me a believer.

The very recently-neckful Melinda sang that Inside and Out song. I have to hand it to the night, these songs sure bring me back to those impressionable ages of 4 and 5 years old. My hippie-looking mother and father coming out of the 60's and wearing their long hair and tight pants (yes, both of them) with their red Scooby Doo van. Anyway, nothing special about Melinda's performances, but honestly, the songs are so mellow, how can anyone completely rock out anyway? Paula called her a "brilliant technician." I think a hot fudge sundae is in order.

What was with Blake's first ridicu-get-up he was wearing? Was he performing some sort of tribute to Dr. Evil who got kicked off last week? Actually, he looked like a cross between Dr. Evil and the evil Chinese villain in Rush Hour. I forget his name. Anyway, still closing my eyes and cringing a bit to the beatboxing. Beatboxing the Bee Gees. Hmm. Not really a fan. I can say with certainty, Blake is not my American Idol. Maybe he's yours. Good luck with that.

So when Lakisha started singing "Staying Alive" I got excited because I forgot about that one! What a great song! I think Blake would have done that song much better than the ones he chose, and definitely better than Lakisha who kind of gospeled it out. Eh. Her second song wasn't much better.

Jordin really has one of the best voices ever. I really love her! (No dress with pants, no dress with pants). But she really does rock. (Must have straightest teeth ever.) Husband just said, "She's gonna win." And sipped his coffee. I think he's right. Of course, I'm not voting so I won't have anything to do with it.

No, Judge Judy appearing as if out of nowhere, nooooo! Worlds are colliding.
Anyway, this week it's Lakisha and Blake as the bottom two. On to the Deadliest Catch. Don't worry, I won't update you on a bunch of crabbers.

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Skittles said...

Jordin has been out-singing Melinda the last couple weeks in my opinion. I think KiKi should go home. She's hasn't been all that good for a while.. We'll know tonight!