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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Idol Two-fer

Oh boy! Two people are headed home tonight on Idol and still I think, why is this so important to me? OK, and Jon Bon Jovi. First, YAY! Second, at least two contestants barely even knew who he was! How can one escape the sounds of Jon Bon Jovi for an entire 18 to 20 years? Is it possible? Honestly? Never heard of Jon Bon Jovi? Ridiculous! (Are we that old?)

So anyway, I gotta air my predictions early in the post. Dr. Evil and Chris I think are the weakest links. Although, it's so hard to say at this point who's going because they are all just really good. But I still can't watch Phil and listen to him at the same time. I have to close my eyes. Chris sang one of my favorite songs, which is also the theme song to Deadliest Catch on Discovery which we watched immediately following Idol by the way. But Chris Daughtry sang it so well last year that you honestly thought he was a cowboy on that steel horse he rides, I mean actually believed it. So good, in fact, that the Justin Timberlake-sounding version was just sub-par. But good try. He was right, though, how can you have Bon Jovi night without someone singing that song?

My friend Jordin totally looked the part when she sang You Give Love a Bad Name, but I had to laugh when Simon said she looked like something out of the Addams Family. She did have a bit of a Bride of Frankenstein thing going, although I actually liked it. And despite the judges, I actually liked her performance. I've tried to karaoke that song before and those low man-notes are a killer. It's like singing/screaming "Pour Some Sugar on Me." Just not a good song.

I wish they'd stop trying to stuff Lakisha in that tiny cup of a barstool to answer viewer e-mails. I'd have refused too! Barstools do nothing for belly fat and thighs. Especially on TV. I didn't really know the song she picked but she did rock it out. Enough for a stay at least another week.

Simon said half of everyone would either love Blake's performance or hate it. I was somewhere in between. I watched it through my fingers because singing a classic like that made me somewhat nauseous, but it was kind of cool. In a totally weird kind of way. Maybe I still can't figure out if I liked it or not.

Lastly, our little Melinda Do-Little. I can't see her winning American Idol, but I really can't see her getting voted off either! I am in such an odd place with her too! She looked and played the part so well, she can seriously transform herself to sing any song or genre and it's really quite impressive. So, in sum, I think it's Phil and Chris to go home and anyone else I'd be surprised.


Sparky Duck said...

Chris going near Dead or Alive? Say it aint so

Connie T. said...

I have to agree with Simon on Jordin. The rocker look just didn't work for her and I love Jordin. She's a great performer. She also didn't do any justice to one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs.
I'm just sayin...