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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fig Update

So the fig is doing well, growing and beating away. And meantime I am waiting eagerly for that second trimester second wind because this sitting around in pajamas till 3:30 with pots in the sink watching The Holiday is a little over the top. Yep, looking forward to that energy surge. Last year I had so much energy I was cleaning everything top to bottom and while kneeling around in my closet I tore my cartilage in my knee and needed knee surgery in my sixth month. Oh the terror! (It was a lovely sight, a non-showered me, stuck on the floor, six months pregnant, having to crawl to a phone across the house in complete agony.) Fortunately, I had a great surgeon, but what really did it for me was the phone call I got from one of the OB doctors in my group, who reassured me countless times that the baby would do fine in surgery and that the surgery was necessary. (My knee was locked in place by the torn cartilage. Good times.) Anyway, that is the doctor I had Monday at my checkup. I didn't think he'd remember that fateful conversation last year and how he saved my emotional life, but he said it as soon as he walked in and when there's a group of doctors I always wonder who remembers who and what but he did and that's a good sign. The first thing out of his mouth: "Nothing going on besides a bum knee, I hope?" I went on to thank him, endlessly, in person for calling me back when the nurse said there was no guarantee a doctor would be able to call me back even though surgery is scheduled for 7am the next morning (what kind of crap is that?)

Everything went pretty well Monday except my blood pressure which was a little elevated and the first thing I thought was, crap. Not again. Not this early. I am hoping and praying it really was just a fluke. I was coming off a 14 hour migraine, so was the blood pressure still high because of the migraine? Or did I have a migraine because of the blood pressure? It's the chicken and the egg thing. I'm going back to the doctor in two weeks instead of the usual four to make sure, and I'm having to get a blood pressure machine to check it at home myself, but I'm going with the whole, everything is just fine-thing and I'm still banking on a 41 week pregnancy. Yes. We're going late this time. Fig's gonna take his or her time.

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Sparky Duck said...

The blood pressure was a fluke, though Im not a doctor, I did stay at a holiday inn express once.

pjs until 3:30? sounds like my life