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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Fifth of May!

I guess I can google why we celebrate Cinco De Mayo, but yes I'm that lazy, so I'll go with the same reason we celebrate St. Patty's Day: another reason to drink! Not me, of course, I had meself a virgin pina colada like a good old pregnant girl which was surprisingly tasty I might add. But I made some margaritas, enchiladas, empanadas, and rounded up some Corona Light and we had ourselves a little fun with some friends. The empanadas were good but the dough I used wasn't my favorite because they really turned out looking just like puffs. I'll have to work on that.

OK I couldn't help myself I had to google it. Cinco De Mayo has something to do with a battle the Mexicans won against the French who landed in Mexico and some traitor Mexican troops. It isn't Mexico's Independence Day, the country actually declared its independence in September (1810). So there you have it. I'll drink to that! (Water, of course).


Robin said...

Girlfriend! Why did you not invite me over..it is my FAVORITE holiday..lol!
Love Corona and Mexican food..so yummy! I'm impressed with your efforts!
Someday we will have that Margarita together!

scribbit said...

I totally forgot the day anyway. Maybe if I had others here who liked guacamole as much as I do then it would be a cause for celebration but as it is I have to get my fix at the local restaurant.