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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #25

(And yes, this is a very revealing TT for me, as I am admitting to caving into most, if not all, of my cravings. And they are not good. In fact, as I was writing this, I realized that there are (ahem) more cravings than aversions on this list.)

1. Craving: Loving so much the Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles. My only recourse on this one is the skim milk I use. My Pebbles were just on sale on a buy one/get one free deal this week!! WooHoo!! Yay me! All stocked up!
2. Aversion: Chicken. I can still eat it fried and/or buffalo-style but the chicken soup and the chicken breast and the beautiful chicken I make in the crock pot in my Spanish Chicken recipe are all off the list. I can't even think about it without getting that awful nauseous feeling. Moving on quickly.
3. Craving: Tuna. Not such a good one because there are restrictions on how much tuna one eats because of the mercury in it. But besides the mercury, it's healthy in small quantities. One healthy craving for me! I sweat feverishly until Wednesday each week when I splurge and get me a tuna sub.
4. Aversion: Coffee. Stinky!! I am just not feelin the coffee these days which is probably good because I can ditch the caffeine but man, do I need my caffeine. Big time.
5. Craving: Hot fudge. This one was for a while at the beginning and thankfully I am off it. Sometimes I crave something, eat so much of it for a few days, then I'm off it for the rest of the pregnancy. Probably for the best with this one.
6. Aversion: The ham on the eggs benedict I had Sunday at breakfast after church. Raunchy, smoky, disgusting. It's amazing what your tastebuds will pull on you all of a sudden. (The eggs and the sauce and the muffins were great!) Anyway, methinks I may be off ham in general. That would be my sister's greatest nightmare ever. She's the biggest ham-lover I have ever known hands down.
7. Craving: Pizza Hut breadsticks. Big time! This actually settles my stomach when I can't think of anything else in the world to eat for dinner. I love these! They are crispity and crunchity on the outside and soft and lovely on the inside. So soooothing. MMMMMMMMmmmmm.
8. Craving: Bagels. Sigh. I went from my 80 calorie slice of whole wheat bread a morning to my 280 calorie everything bagel. But I need it. I really do.
9. Another craving: Donuts. First, Dunkin Donut Jelly Donuts with the sugar on the outside. I drove all over looking for a Dunkin Donuts in an area I didn't really know. Found one. No jelly donuts. Got strawberry stuff inside instead. Got home. The lady lied! Surprise!!! They were mostly jelly! (I had gotten six). YAY ME! (No, I didn't eat them all in one sitting.) Oh, then there were the Entenmanns chocolate covered donuts which my husband and I both pummeled. They didn't even have a chance.
10. Craving: Exotic rainbow sherbet Publix brand. Boy has this also done wonders to settle my stomach. And it's not that bad for you either! Yay me again!
11. Craving: Salmon. This worked well when I would do the lunch special at Red Lobster. But then one day I wanted the salmon at Bonefish Grill which is a bit on the pricey side. Oh yes, and the "Bang Bang Shrimp" which are spicy breaded saucy little delicious shrimps that are amazing. Dinner for one: $25. Husband not happy. Have not repeated this craving.
12. Craving: Italian food, any. Big fan of the Italian food these days. There's something comforting about spaghetti and anything parmesan, especially Fettuccine Alfredo, which I limit to once a year seriously, because its buttery cheesy goodness is just so bad (but so good). I have fulfilled my Alfredo sauce quota already in April. What to do.
13. Vanilla yogurt. This was a huge one for me in the beginning. I would just eat big huge bowls of plain vanilla yogurt and gross my mom out. I was so obsessed with it, I'd have to stop at the store immediately if I was about to run out. That craving's over sadly. But I was proud of that one. It was a low-fat choice. Those now are so few and far between.

What were your cravings and aversions????? Happy tt!!

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Uh-oh. Those sound freakily like the ones I had with #2... especially the chicken.

maggie said...

Wow. I remember those days all too well. Go with the cravings they are soo fun

Christie said...

Should I add that I just stuffed my piehole with fudge? I'm going to be a house.

scribbit said...

With me it was ice cream, always ice cream. I could live my life off of Ben and Jerry's.

Tink said...

I haven't been pregnant, but it was fun to read all about your cravings and aversions! My neighbour and friend is pregnant; I'll have to let her read this post. :-)
Thanks for visiting my TT.

Naeva - Mom of 2 said...

Oh good that you don't really feel like having coffee...sooo glad for it.

~Amber~ said...

I'm not preggers, but Pizza Hut breadsticks settle my stomach when I'm sick too! I don't know what it is about them. Happy TT!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Such a great list that brings back a flood of memories. I like your nausea post too. I'm with you: Don't Break The Seal. Keep sipping that Sprite or Gingerale and this too shall pass.

Sue said...

I had a gross craving with my second pregnancy, pickled herring, shudders! Thank you for stopping by, and your kind words. They are appreciated .. :)

Sparky Duck said...

damn, now your cravings are my cravings. How does your hubby do it without being a blimp?

Connie T. said...

Not to jinx you, I bet you're having another little boy. Your cravings sound so much like what I had with David. I ate fettucine alfredo at the Olive Garden every other day in the early months. I hated chicken. I ate lots of fish and burgers too. You'll have to keep me posted as to when you find out the sex of baby 2. ;)

pussreboots said...

Congratulations! I craved tomatoes, kumquats and tuna on my last pregnancy.

~**Dawn**~ said...

no cravings or aversions. have never been pregnant. but i have to agree with you on the Publix sherbet. they make some of the best sherbet i have ever tasted.

Judy Callarman said...

When I was pregnant, I craved oranges and yogurt. The smell of coffee made me nauseous. Once a week I had to have a banana split!

Lisa said...

I was obsessed with pizza and canteloupe during my first pregnancy. My husband never wanted pizza again.

Bankerchick said...

Years ago! I could not abide cooked onions or garlic. Two of my cooking staples at the time.
Cravings: Pork chops and cooked apples and I was not really a fan of pork, still not a fan.