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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Scoop on Poop

Yes. It really is cute when the poop belongs to your kid. A friend of mine asked me today if it was true, and I had to admit that it was. I can hardly believe it myself. I've never thought in my life poop would be cute. Poop from other kids has grossed me out and even, at times made me gag. Probably like you will after reading this, because it's not your kid and it's not cute. I know, it's ok. Don't feel bad, I've been that person. I once told my husband when we were newly married that once we have a kid, I guarantee he'll get excited about poop. Of course he said he'd never ever be happy about poop. But sure enough, shortly after Aidan started eating rice cereal, he got all clogged up. Before that, we got at least a poop a day. But we got nervous after 5 days. When was this elusive poop going to happen? Why must you wait so long, poop? My husband had to go on a business trip and on day 6 of no poop he called me from the airport on his way home and asked if the poop had arrived yet. After trying prune juice and milk of magnesia, the poop made a messy debut and I was so excited to tell him, finally, yes! The poop is here! He got excited and asked me, happily, solid or liquid??

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Irish_Boy said...

That Kid is a looker! His dad must be one sexy man.