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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ruffles and Ridges

I've been pounding the pavement these days trying to get those baby pounds to shrink away to somewhere other than my thighs and my belly. It wasn't five minutes that I left the hospital that I lost a good bit of it, but the rest redistributed, and settled in the most ungodly places and now I have ruffles and ridges where I never thought there would be. So, here's Aidan after one of our fun workouts that includes moms and strollers. I joined a group called "Stroller Fit" and it allows moms to work out with their babies, and also gets me out to meet other moms. This is good for me because I'm struggling to find my "mom identity." I've been shy and unsociable these days, mainly because at home, I'm quietly confident. But outside my own home, I feel like every other mom out there has all the secrets and has it together and I'm walking around clueless. So I'm trying to come out of my shell and I hope this helps. Plus, the scenery's amazing. We work out along the water and it's pretty funny watching people drive in and out of the marina laughing at the group of moms running around with their strollers. Aidan loves it because while we work out, we sing songs to the kids, so they get a big kick out of it. It's better than when I'm at home and I do my TV workout with Gilad, that European-looking curly haired man who exercises with his five helpers on the beach in Hawaii. You've seen him on ESPN, now he's on FitTV and I tape all the workouts so I can fast forward through commercials and not have to workout during them like he says. It's a great workout. I curse Gilad while I'm doing it because my head says "yeah!" but my butt is screaming "no!" You should try it. I feel like I know him. He messes up sometimes during the workout and it's funny. Anyway, he's helping me to fight off my nemesis, named "Ice Cream" who calls to me nightly, trying to make me re-join it's evil, evil club. But I won't! No! I won't!

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