"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sorry, I am here. Really I am.

I am just taking a lot of naps. I just have not been feeling good at all. Baby's doing flip-flops all over my stomach, which is making for an interesting time for any food in there trying to stay down. Yes, I know, TMI. (I bought a cute new pair of pj's the other day that was stained within mere minutes where I spilled my Maximum Strength Gaviscon.) So that, along with the nasty heartburn, extreme nausea, the leg cramps, the headaches and the snoring husband (love you honey!) and you have a sleepless in Tampa-bay, somewhat grumpy "me". But the good news is, baby is doing fine still incubating in there and he's supposedly creeping up on 4 pounds in there, according to latest sonogram.

The partial previa I have is starting to lessen, although not very much. My placenta (aka my "sack" as my sister likes to call it-- she asks me often "How's your sack?") is migrating northward slowly (it has moved about a centimeter in the past 10 weeks) and I have another sono at 34 weeks to make sure it's moving farther up.

I don't remember being this uncomfortable with Poops the last time around, but they say that God makes you forget the yucky parts so you'll keep on popping out kids. I am convinced that is true. But before I get to thinking, "I still have 9 more weeks to go???!!!" (and by the way, most people--even strangers-- who see my belly and ask how far along I am have no problem expressing their astonishment at the fact that I still have until the end of November even though I look already like I am about to pop) I quickly push that thought from my mind and think I will be absolutely blessed to go another 9 weeks, no matter how huge and uncomfortable I become. I promise I will be around to visit soon!


Mom not Mum said...

Glad you're still here - Glad things are ok with your "sack" lol. I say nap as much as you can now because it's all gonna vanish once the new one arrives.

ciara said...

lmao @ 'how's your sack?' isn't that what one usually says to a man after you've kneed him in the sac? lol jk i'm glad everything is going well....it always seems to get uncomfortable during the last cpl of months and ya always seem to be bigger than the LASTS one...least that's what happened to me (i have 3).

here's a short n funny story...when i was pregnant w my first one there was a guy checking my backside out. he hadn't seen the front of me yet and maybe only a glimpse of my face...a coworker told me that when i turned around and he saw my belly his jaw dropped...now that's hilarious. i gained 42lbs w him. w my first girl, i looked like nicole richie, but gained all the weight at the end. by the time the 3rd child came i still had weight from the 2nd, so i had an incredibly 'wide load' in back lol

~Denise~ said...

Glad to hear things are going well and you & baby are moving & shaking towards term!