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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Best Part Husband

OK what wife on this earth doesn't want to see this on her birthday???

(Hint for men: NONE!) I'd say husband did good. This beautiful necklace was inside of it:

Me=very happy. Thank you husband and babies!


Robin said...

Girlie...in my busyness of life, I have not been able to read blogs..HAPPY BELATED girlie! Ok..
I was 32 when I had MY last child and I saw Kelly Clarkson in concert last summer.
(key twilight zone music)
anyway, hope you had a happy, happy day..sounds like it! Gorgeous necklace by the way! You can take it to the hospital and wrap it around his neck while you are in labor! PERFECT! :)

Mom not Mum said...

Is that a tiffany's bag? Beautiful!!

Connie T. said...

I'm jealous. That was so sweet of your hubby. Please tell him that I said that and maybe have a chat with my hubby before my next birthday. :)

ciara said...

my goodness, lady...who WOULDN'T want to see that robin egg's blue box? i'm way jealous. i'll prob never see jewelry over 100 bucks lol i did w my x, but i sold it all when i had no job when he left :( oh well lol

Sparky Duck said...

That is the Tiffany Blue isnt it??

Skittles said...

You definitely have a terrific guy!