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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Oh and ps. On the Dyson

Yes, Ciara, Yes! Ciara asked me if the Dyson is worth the splurge and I have to say a resounding YES!!! But even better than that, ours was $399 and we bought it Friday. Come to find out that on Sunday, Target began running a special on all Dysons, that if you bought any model, they'd throw in a $100 gift card for you. SO, I waddled on in with my receipt and my pouty face to see if they would still give me that gift card because we bought the vaccuum on Friday and they said yes! Yay! So if you wanna splurge, go to Target and get that $100 gift card while you're at it! Whoopee!


ciara said...

like i said, it's convincing mr. stingy pants to buy a 400 dollar vacuum especially since we only have carpet on the 2nd floor and stairs lol *pouting and whining now* i want a dyson! lol

Robin said...

love mine, we have the animal..it has been a good, good vacuum. We bought ours off the website, it was a reconditioned model. It was still guaranteed when we bought it, and it has worked fantastic at 1/2 the price!
now if only I could have gotten it in pink!

Mom not Mum said...

Love ours as well - we have the animal/allergy one too. When we go back to the states we will buying one there - hopefully with as good a deal as you got!

Skittles said...

A DYSON! You lucky girl!!! We recently got a new vacuum we have named The Beast but it's a Eureka.

I have something for you that might make you SMILE!

Anna Mary said...

The Old Man haaaaad to get a Dyson, Pet Edition. Too bad, I'm the one always using it! :)

I'm finally up and blogging! Weeeee!!!