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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Don't you just hate it when..

you find the perfect "something" and it turns out it's the only one left at the store, and you bring it home and you open the box to begin putting it together and you find it BROKEN!

Argh. That's what happened this morning when we opened up the box to the new baby's crib. I have been searching for the perfect little white crib for weeks now and we finally found one, on sale, at where of all places but Toys R' Us. It was the last one in stock. It has a side that pulls down, it turns into a toddler bed, it's real wood and it's white. All of my criteria. (I have found that most white cribs with a pull-down side turn into daybeds. Not "toddler" beds. Go figure. And yes, I need the pull-down thingy because I am super short.)

Anyway, we open up the nice big box and I'm all dreamy-eyed and excited because we're about to see it all put together, when I spot a huge half-foot-long split and gouge in the wood.

Wah. Wah. Debbie Downer.
So I am about to embark on calling every Toys R' Us in the country to return this one. Sniff.


Skittles said...

Oh NO! I even know the crib you are talking about! My daughter had the same kind for her babies!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

SPOILER ALERT: If you are buying a white crib, does this mean you know it's a girl? Did I miss that somewhere? Am I picking up on something I shouldn't be? Or am I just totally clueless and off the mark? Sorry that it was broken (I know, I totally went off an a tagent)