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Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm losing count

I am 32 today (Happy Birthday to me!) and I have an e-card from Kelly Clarkson telling me so. My day is complete.

Yes, I am lame. I am 32 and I am in the Kelly Clarkson fan club. I had to join in order to get an update on when her canceled show would be rescheduled, because I had tickets for her show that was supposed to be two weeks ago. It was rescheduled (as the fan club notified me thank God) but it was rescheduled for 5 days after my due date so I guess I should just let this one go. No Kelly Clarkson this time.

Anyway, what a lovely birthday present I got this weekend! A little bloggy love, first from The Rising Blogger for my post on September 11th, which was really sweet especially because I had misgivings about writing it at all.
And the second from Bankerchick over at Bankerchick's Scratchings, who gave me this (thank you!!!):

Isn't that the sweetest ever? The good thing is, I get to pass this on! And you know that giving is so much funner than receiving so I am giving this to Skittles (even though I noticed she has already gotten it!) because she is just so darn stinkin sweet (like the candy!), and to Jenmomof4 at The Wilson Six because every month she "pays it forward" and gets other people to too with her random acts of kindness! I just love random acts of kindness and because of her, probably dozens of people are smiling and saying "That made my day!" just because a random stranger did something nice. I love that.

So I am just going to kick back and relax today, despite my dirty floors, and bask in the sound that is the best birthday present ever, of a little boy in a monitor with a tiny little voice saying "Momma" over and over again and "Da-dddy" and "Hi!" while playing in his crib and not taking a nap.


Jenmomof4 said...

wow! I have never gotton a cool button like that!! Thanks so much!!

Happy Birthday!! You will have to email me your addy so I can add you to my Good Mail Girls!
wiljen109 at aol dot com

Have a great day!!!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! (I'm singing it, but I sound NOTHING like Kelly Clarkson) Hope you have a fantastic day!!

Sparky Duck said...

Happy Birthday!!

And you can send Kelly Clarkson along anytime if she is gonna look like that.

crap, you are younger then me

Anna Mary said...

Happy birthday to you!!!


Happy birthday to you!!!!!!


Happy birthday to Christie-san!!


Happy birthday to you!!!

Mom not Mum said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sucks about the concert but whatcha gonna do?

Oh - and you suck because you're younger than me. LOL

Connie T. said...