"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Yard Makeover

Is officially set to begin today! Excavators are coming to rip up the existing lawn that is filled with anthills/brown patches, the new fence is going in and the ground will be filled with fertilizer to accomodate the impending new grass. Unfortunately, "Grass Day" is being postponed to Monday (which makes Sunday "Grass Eve) because things just happen that way. So this time next week, I will be posting a slew of pictures to include my new yard. This is so much more exciting for me than it is for you, I know. I apologize. I never knew there would be a time in my life that I would salivate over things like a yard, a knitting class, or an afternoon tea, not to mention get excited about a poopy diaper or making my own baby food, but alas, this is me. I don't even ask anymore. I just embrace it.

All of these renovations, along with Poops, and the cleaning on top of it has made me a bad blogging buddy, and I'm sorry! I stink! By they way, still no walking yet. Poops is now 14 months old and I think he just plain old refuses to walk because he crawls at such a lightning speed and I don't think he thinks he could ever walk that fast! People tell me all the time that I'll be sorry I wished for walking, but honestly, I don't think he could possibly get much faster! He's into everything already! The only difference would be that I wouldn't have to carry him everywhere. What a convenience to be able to put him down and have him follow me from the car to the house with all the groceries! Of course, whatever his pace is, is okay with me. But I wouldn't mind me some walking about now!


Joyanna said...

I see you have been very busy. It's hard work being home isn't it. Well I have joined you as being a stay at home mom. Give me a call we can set up a playdate.

Scribbit said...

I'd think that going through a remodel, inside or out, plus being pregnant gives you two very legitimate reasons for not blogging as much. :)