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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Loooove... In the Afternoon

OH how I've been waiting and waiting and waiting. Two years, and finally, we have grass. Yesterday was officially, Grass Day. There's nothing more exciting than knowing I can just go outside and play with my little boy, in my yard, sans fruit trees, sans anthills, sans bugs and spiders. This day has been a culmination of work and money and sweat and dirty fingernails. Unfortunately, this isn't a true before and after photo session; I wish I had taken more pictures of the "real" before, right after we bought it, which contained fruit trees, a giant, scary, ominous pine tree, tons of ferns and jungle-like foliage, and of course, dead grass. (Somehow, the total "girl" in me saw past all of that, and saw the potential of the house when we bought it.) Anyway, I'm so excited I just can't contain myself! Here's our new backyard. We had it leveled off a little because it was very slopey before and there were once three fruit trees in the back that came with big giant spiders that liked to come inside the house to cool off. We got rid of those (and subsequently the spiders--thank God. I'm an arachnophobe would you believe). There was also a big black, deteriorating porch surrounding that slab, but we took it all down. We intend on screening it all in again one day, correctly, but for now, we'll probably just put a table, chairs and umbrella outside with some lights and a couple a tiki torches and enjoy the openness. Also, we added that fence you see all the way on the right.

More Backyard (from the other side)
And here's the front yard. I so wish I had taken the "real" before pictures. There was a ton of crazy ferns and foliage covering the left side of the yard up near the house, under that oak tree you see there and my mom and I dug through it all and got rid of it. We also took out a giant pine that was in the middle of the yard that was starting to die and was a lightning rod. It's literally like a normal yard now! I'm so proud. It feels like Christmas.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Congratulations on your grass!! I know how it feels and I'm happy for you :)

Skittles said...

Wow! What a difference!!!! :)

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