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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I got my shipment of progesterone shots in yesterday. I start them next week. I cannot express to you exactly how big the needle actually is. The part that goes in my butt. It is as long, or possibly longer, than the actual syringe part. I have never seen a needle so big in my life. Except in cartoons when the Dr. Frankenstein-type character is about to deliver a lethal dose. For the first time ever, I was thankful that I have a little bit of a cushion back there because if I had a tuckus like, say, my sister (who has none whatsoever) it is quite possible that I could hit an organ. It's ginormous! And I am not a wimp when it comes to shots, either. Since blood disorders run in my family, I had the entire panel done on me during my last pregnancy. So many tests that the lady at the lab actually gave me a "Way to Go!" ribbon. Shots don't really bother me. They're a little uncomfortable, but they're necessary. But this needle is seriously large. And then that got me thinking. Are there small, medium and large needles and the doctor secretly decides which size I should get according to my rumpsize? If I had a smaller tushy, would I have gotten the smaller needle? Hmm. Well if I'm taking these ridicu-needles every week and the baby still comes early, I'm going to be pissed. These are shots on steroids.


Robin said...

keep up the "good hurt, good hurt" mantra woman..
no matter what, you will feel like you have done all that you could have!
Yes! A boy! How happy for our family!
Now I will keep my fingers crossed for you..
she would have some amazing hair!

Sparky Duck said...

Think of it this way, if your butt is that big, their is no way you will feel it

Stine said...

Close your eyes and say "STAY IN THERE" - and it's done...
Best of luck - from avocado to watermelon in noooo time!