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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'm in a quandary. (Scroll down for Heads or Tails)

I am finding myself in an interesting quandary. When I created this blog just about one year ago, I had a 5 month old. His nickname was "Poops". I did not, however, count on being about two seconds away from popping out another kid the exact following year. So when this one is born, what on earth am I to do about the title of my blog? It's not going to be "The Mis-Adventures of Captain Poopy" because now there will be two Poopies. When I think about adding the littler Poops to the name, I think about the cartoon "Captain Caveman" when it was a second go-round for him on Saturday morning and they added his son to the cartoon. So you would hear him yelling in his caveman voice at the beginning of the show: "Captain Caaa-a-aaaaaaaaaaave-mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! (And son!)" So that's what I hear in my head. But that makes no sense.

So what am I to do? I guess I can keep the link the same and update the title, or even re-work the whole darned header, but I can't decide which to do. Especially because I want even less to confuse anyone who actually comes here to visit me. So, anyone have any ideas? Or even better, ideas for a title? It is possible that I might turn this into a contest.


Sparky Duck said...

Captain Poopy and First Mate Pissy??

Anna Mary said...

HAHAHA Sparky, your comment made me outburst at work!

~Denise~ said...

Leave it for now and see what lovely things this new baby has in store for you. ;)

ciara said...

The Misadventures ofCaptain Poopy and Poop Boy (or Squirt, w/o the boy)sounds pretty good lol

Robin said...

First of all, you take care of that scrapbook stuff you were talking about in your last post..ha ha
Hmmm...you should put something in your title about peeps
The peeps of my life: poops and poops jr.
Peeps and poops
Poops and peeps
The life and times of poops and peeps
There is a whole of of pooping and peeping
My favorite poops and peeps
The adventures of poops and peeps (featuring the chocolate peeps in your title of course)
ok Robin, shut up now..been up way to long with not enough coffee.

Scribbit said...

Hmm. . . maybe you can just potty train the first and replace the poopy with Number Two :)

Bankerchick said...

Captain Poops and Major Stinker?

Amanda said...

are you having a boy or girl?

I love everyone's suggestions. I really love:

Captain Poopy and First Mate Pissy


Captain Poops and Major Stinker

Becky said...

Hi! I found your blog through my pal Laura at Adventures in Juggling. I like Captain Poopy and Baby Tinkle...which can later be Tinkle, the boy wonder. Or Captain Poopy and Sargent Piddle. LOL!