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Monday, October 29, 2007

A Full Nine Months

No, no baby yet. But it's been a little busy around here lately. The longer I go with this pregnancy, the more I find to do. I had four lists going yesterday and I hope to knock three of them out today.

This morning we passed a milestone. I made it! We're 9 months!!! I've never been 9 months before! I don't know if it was the butt shots or if my body just did it on its own, but we're there and it's a miracle. I can't even explain the overwhelming peace I have within myself.

Last week I had my last butt shot and the nurse and I had a moment when it was all over and I had made it to the end and we hugged. I felt like I did on graduation day when you realize it's all over and a weight is lifted. My "sack" has moved up, so that's no longer an issue. And my blood pressure is a wonderful 102/70. Now we're betting in the "baby pool" on when he'll arrive. I fully expect now to make it through November to the 26th, but who knows, there is a full moon November 12.

That's the quick update. I know I've become a "weekly" blogger recently but I hope you'll still visit from time to time regardless. Hope everyone had a good weekend!


~Denise~ said...

Glad to hear you are still preggo and hangin' in there. With my second pregnancy, I made it to 37 weeks before inducing with PIH. But getting passed the 34/35 week mark was huge (previous pg ended shy of 35 weeks).

You've done a wonderful job, and soon you will have that beautiful bundle to hold.

Many blessings to you. And I wish you a smooth and easy labor & delivery when the time comes.

Laura said...

congrats! i am so happy that you made it.
my bet is for november 9...my darling daughter #3's 14th birthday